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Mad Dogs and Englishmen Story

Only Mad dogs & Englishmen…

The name for Mad dogs & Englishmen was inspired by Noel Coward’s 1932 song of the same name.  The hot, arid vineyards of Extremadura recall Coward’s witty lyrics that “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun”.

Guy Anderson, one of the brains behind FAT bastard wines, partnered with acclaimed Scottish winemaker Norrel Robertson and local expert Ignacio Gonzalez to craft Mad dogs & Englishmen.

Norrel Robertson

Norrel Robertson is nicknamed "El EscocÚs Volante" or "The Flying Scotsman" and has matched his nickname with intensity for producing good wine. Educated in Scotland and New Zealand, Robertson is the only Master of Wine based in Spain.

Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson is a British winemaker and entrepreneur who, along with noted French wine maker, Thierry Boudinaud, created the FATbastard wine brand.  Guy’s goal was to create affordable wine from one of Spain’s most exciting new wine regions that was memorable, easy to pronounce and represented an exceptional value for consumers.

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